Linda Blair
Linda Blair, Birth Order, What Your Position in the Family Really Tells You About Your Character

Linda has written three parenting books and two on stress management. See below for details. She also has a long list of academic publications. Linda also collaborates online with Certified Animal Behaviourist Caroline Wilkinson,to bring a weekly dose of support to dog owning households via Supporting Both Ends of the Lead newsletter.

Birth Order: What your position in the family really tells you about your character (Piatkus, 2013).

The Key to Calm: Your Path to Mindfulness and Beyond (Hodder Yellow Kite, 2014).

The Happy Child: Helping your child through the key stages of development (Piatkus, 2011).

Siblings: A parenting guide to managing sibling rivalry and raising happy children (White Ladder Press, 2017).

Straight Talking: Learn to overcome insomnia, anxiety, negative thinking and other modern-day stresses (Piatkus 2009).

Key to Calm Happy Child Siblings
Birth Order Straight Talking

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